$25 Wine List

$25 Wine List

This list was created to showcase a variety of Italian wines at a great value where price is not a factor.  We hope that you explore our choices and find some pleasant surprises.

Download our wine list before shopping for wines at CuVino’s premier wine shop.

Wine Spector Awards

We are extremely excited to announce we have received   "The Best of Award of Excellence" the next level of the Wine Spectator Restaurant Award.   Information on the Level of Awards can be viewed at https://www.winespectator.com/articles/about-the-awards.  The "Best of Award of Excellence" category was awarded to only 1,387 restaurants for 2020.  This coming August will mark the completion of our 5th year.  All of us have truly enjoyed getting to know all of you and your families.  We are fortunate and blessed to be part of this special community.  Thank you for the enormous support  shown to us during these past challenging months.   We will endure these difficult times and look forward to continuing to grow  and experience special moments with you all once again.
Sincerely,  Ralph and Angelo

Rose, Sweet and Sparkling Wines

604   Prosecco Brut DOC, Coralba (Veneto)
616     Rose Sparkling Brut, LcVilla NV (Piemonte)
621     Rose Sparkling Amabile, Tintero NV(Piemonte)
A106  Rose, Dagajolo 2018 (Toscana)
624    Lambrusco Brut, Medici NV(Emilia Romania)
615    Moscato d’ Asti, Terredavino La Gatta 2018 (Piemonte)
610    Malvasia di Casorzo NV Semi Sweet Red (Piemonte)

Italian Whites

Light Bodied

C123   Pinot Grigio, Villa 2018 (Sicilia)
C110   Pinot Grigio, Alverdi 2018(Veneto)
C114   Gavi di Gavi, Conti Speroni 2018 (Piemonte)
C140   Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Cavaliere 2018(Toscana)
A104  Arnies, Elvio Tintero 2018 (Piemonte)
C120   Orvieto Classico Secco, Rocca delle Macie 2017 (Umbria)

Medium / Full Bodied

C133   Pinot Grigio, Angelini 2018 (Veneto)
C106   Trebbiano, Mascarelli  2018(Abruzzo)
A107   Insolia, Cusumano 2017(Sicilia)
A119   Sauvignon, Fossa Mala, 2017 (Friuli)
C139    Verdicchio, Sartarelli 2018 (Marche)
C101   Chardonnay, ViteColte “Fosche”2017 (Piemonte)

Italian Reds

Light Bodied

510   Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo, Lc Villa 2016 (Abruzzo)
927   Sangiovese, Alverdi 2018 (Emilia-Romagna)
619   Nero d’ Avola, Tola 2017 (Sicilia)
721  Barbera d’ Alba, Casata Moticello 2018 (Piemonte)
810   Pinot Noir, Angelini 2017(Veneto)

Medium Bodied

211   Chianti Classico Riserva, Tomaiolo 2014 (Toscana)
505 Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo, Mascarelli 2016(Abruzzo)
809 Pinot Noir, Monte de Angeli 2018(Veneto)
812  Cabernet Sauvignon, Alverdi  2017(Veneto)
808 Pinot Noir, Due Torri 2018(Veneto)

Full Bodied

318   Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Barbanera 2015 (Toscana)
623     NegroAmaro, Menhir “Mandorla” 2018 (Puglia)
505b     Primitivo, Meridia  2017 (Puglia)
324    Super Tuscan, Carpineto, Dogojolo 2017 (Toscana)
111b   Super Tuscan, Barbanera  2017(Toscana)
121     Super Tuscan, Opera 2015 (Toscana)


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