🍷FREE Wine Tasting 03-26-24


Wine Special Guest Tastings

Tuesday, MARCH 26, 2024


Call for reservations: 410-853-7484 – Space is limited and this is a great opportunity to taste some fantastic wines.  All wines will be available for discounted prices.

Free Wine Tasting Tuesday

On Tuesday Heith will be showing 5 wines that I ordered several months ago from a small vineyards annual presale.  Whatever stock of each wine I have on premise is what is available for purchase.  The wines are all from small family growers and are all very reasonably priced. Stop in to taste some of these small gems. 

Soave Spumante Brut
100% Garganega grapes
Monte Tondo is regularly recognized as one of the top producers in all of Soave, having garnered a small mountain(a “poggio”, if you will) of medals, awards, and ratings. From the same hillside cru used to produce their SoaveClassico comes this “semi-sparkler”, a delightful frizzante that is light, zippy, and truly delicious. 

Civetta VermentinoToscana IGT
100% Vermentino Grapes
Cantina Morellino is a co-op with farmers owning an average of 5 acres.  

Rosso Maremma Toscana 
100% Ciliegiolo grapes
3 acre parcel and sustainably farmed.  Ciliegiolo grapes are believed to be a parent of sangiovese.  The wine is darker in color , softer and rounder and less acidity than its offspring. 

Nerello Mascalese
100% Nerello Mascalese Grapes
Dark plum , unoaked from high altitude of Mt Etna.  Fourth generation wine maker working with her father , uncle and 2 cousins.

Refosco del Peduncolo
100% Refosco Grapes
Dark forest fruit with a hint of earth and spice.  Third generation producer with an annual production of 7,500 bottles.  

Reservations are highly suggested if you plan to stay for dinner.
Call 410-853-7484

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