02-23-2023 Wine Tasting

6 Wines – from Umbria

Thursday, FEBRUARY 23, 2023

Make your reservation early, space is limited.

FREE Wine Tastings from Antonelli family winery with Fillipo Antonelli, who has been at its helm since 1986.  Fillipo was one of our first VIP producer who visited in 2017.


In 1881 Francesco Antonelli, a lawyer from Spoleto, purchased the estate from the Bishop of Spoleto.  He immediately began extensive modifications which included the planting of specialized vineyards.  In 1979 the family began bottling and marketing the wines which until then were mostly sold in bulk.

Fillipo Antonelli has led the estate since 1986.  Under his tenure a new winery was constructed underground, to ensure a constant temperature, and the vineyards were  converted to organic agriculture.  In this underground cellar vinification and separation of the wine from the grape skins take place.  The cellar is designed to use the force of gravity rather than pumps that can damage the grape skin.

Antonelli is located in the center of Umbria’s Montefalco appellation.  The wines of Montefalco have just recently become more mainstream.  The regions indigenous variety of Sagrantino dates back to 1549.  The monks made a sweet sacramental wine with this varietal.  In the late 1970s Sagrantino was revived into the bold , earthy , dry wine that compliments Pecorino cheese and the black truffles of Umbria.

Fillipo is the 5th Generation Antonelli to head the winery.  I was introduced to his wines roughly 8 years ago and have not met him until now.  He is only visiting for a short time and I am excited to have him meet and speak to all of you about his wine and family winery.

The 6  Wines for the Tasting


The Whites

Montefalco Grechetto – 100% Grechetto Grapes
Straw yellow in color. Opens with elegance to the nose: fresh, fruity and floral with notes of citrus, peach, almond and hawthorn blossom. Taste has good structure and is pleasantly fresh.

Trebium Trebbiano Spoletino – 100% Trebbiano Grapes Intense straw yellow color tending to gold. A nose of intense and persistent impact, fruity and floral;  almond and hawthorn blossom, citrus and tropical fruit with a slightly spicy finish.

The Reds

Montefalco Rosso – 70% Sangiovese, 15% Sagrantino, 15%Umbrian Native varietals.  Aged 12 months in oak barrels, then 6 months in cement, and at least 6 months in bottle before released.  Ruby red in color. Intense and fruity, with hints of cherry and wild berries. To the palate it is dry, balanced and well structured.

Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG – 100% Sagrantino Grapes
First Vintage was 1981.  Ages first in lightly toasted 500 L barrels for 6 months, then 25hL Barrels for 18 months, the wine is then settled in glass lined cement vats for 12 months, and finally bottled aged for 12 months.  Sagrantino is able to bottle age for more than 30 years!

Chiusa di Pannone – Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG – 100% Sagrantino Single Vineyard grapes
Only a 2.7 hectare vineyard.  Aged in large oak barrels for at least 30 months. Then the wine settles in glass lined cement vats for some months before being bottled. The wine is not filtered.

Make your reservations because space is limited and this is a great opportunity to taste some fantastic wines.  All wines will be available for discounted prices.


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