2018-12-04 FREE Wine and Vermouth Tasting

Tuesday December 4, 2018
FREE Wine and Vermouth Tasting


 For our next Tuesday tasting I thought we should mix it up a little bit.  Most of you know that at CuVino we are big fans of the class of Italian digestives called Amaro and I encourage our servers to introduce them to all of our guests.  Often I am presented with some excellent Italian spirits and I thought it would be a great idea to showcase some of them on one of our tastings. 

Recently I was introduced to the Mancino line of Italian Vermouth.  Most people think of either a bitter dry vermouth, that is simply non traditionally used to rinse a martini glass before the all important vodka or gin, or the touch of sweet vermouth that is in a Manhattan, and depending on the bar will either make or break that classic cocktail. 

Come in on Tuesday and I guarantee you will have a totally different opinion of Vermouth.  Martini lovers that always skip the vermouth will see how this classic cocktail was meant to be made.  

We will be tasting 2 Wines and 5 Vermouths 

 The Wines:

Cortefresca Prosecco
100% Glera grapes
A fruity and elegant sparkling wine for the holidays

Luigi Pira Dolcetto d’ Alba
100% Dolcetto d’ Alba grapes
From one of the great Barolo producers, this fresh and well balanced wine is a perfect fit for the holidays and I did not want to pass on the opportunity to present it to all of you.  

The Vermouths

 Mancino Artisanal Vermouth 
We will be tasting 5 artisanal  vermouths from the world renowned Italian bartender Giancarlo Mancino.  Each Vermouth is infused with no less than 20 different botanicals giving them an elegant and distinct flavor profile.  Tastings will be limited do to limited quantities. 

Make sure to call for reservations if you plan to stay.  

Reservations are highly suggested if you plan to stay for dinner.
Call 410-853-7484

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